Spectro 1 - Variable, Inc.

The Product:
Spectro 1 is a mobile spectrophotometer that connects to a smartphone app via bluetooth. Spectrophotometers are used to measure color and show that color through color values and spectral curves.

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The Project:
I worked on Spectro 1 from the beginning, leading design of the mobile app interface, product branding, photography, packaging design, and web design for Variable's ecommerce site.
Spectro 1 needed branding that was cohesive with the Variable umbrella brand. Additionally, Spectro 1 needed to contrast with the color muse, a similar product developed by Variable, Inc.

The Color Muse brand is playful and colorful, making it important for Spectro 1 to communicate as a more professional tool in Variable's product lineup.
The packaging for Spectro 1 is both sophisticated and functional. While Spectro 1 is a tool, it is also an exciting piece of technology that deserves a pleasant unboxing experience.

The all black outer box with the white foam insert provide a stark contrast with the product in the same way that Spectro 1 contrasts as a different offering from other spectros in the industry.
App Interface.
The Spectro by Variable app UI was far and away the most challenging part of this project. Spectrophotometers are complex devices that capture a substantial amount of data. Working with the talented development team at Variable, we designed an easy-to-use mobile application that shows complex data in a simple and visually-pleasing manner.

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