Croxall Painting Company

The Client:
Croxall Painting is a residential and commercial painting company serving the greater Chattanooga, TN area.

Their goal is to not only provide jobs but to build painters into leaders who will one day take on the role of foreman or project manager, allowing them to build a successful career where they will be able to provide for their families, while also learning valuable life skills such as budgeting and leadership development.
The Goal:
Hayden Croxall approached me as Croxall Painting was moving from an idea to a business. Hayden was in need of branding and a website to help him stand out from the competition and acquire new residential customers.

I helped Hayden develop a brand and website that helped set him apart from others in the industry and clearly communicated his company's core values and objectives. See the website here.
Primary logo.
Hayden needed a versatile brand mark to serve as the centerpiece for his business on the web, on company apparel, and on yard signs and vehicle wraps. The Croxall name is well known in Chattanooga for other businesses, so it was important to include painting imagery within the mark. The "C" and roller are effective as a stand-alone icon as shown in the brand pattern below.
Brand Pattern.
Standalone wordmark.
Branding ideas that led to the finished design.
Website design.
View the full site here.